Our mission

Crisis Impact Advisory Group was established in 2023 in response to the unprecedented challenges generated by crises worldwide. The firm consists of a team of experts from various sectors who work together to provide insights and recommendations to governments, businesses, donors, UN agencies and NGOs before, during and after crises. The group's main objective is to mitigate the impact of a crisis and help organizations manage through difficult times. The Crisis Impact Advisory Group members have already played a significant role in guiding decision-makers during various crises, such as the Covid pandemic, man-made or natural disasters.

Whether it is developing contingency plans, conducting risk assessments, or providing training on crisis response, the firm is committed to supporting its clients in their efforts to protect their people, assets, and reputation. With its proven track record of success, Crisis Impact Advisory Group & Associates is a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their resilience and readiness in the face of unexpected crises.

Our team

The Crisis Impact Advisory Group is a made up of a diverse team with extensive experience in crisis management. The team is composed of individuals with unique backgrounds and expertise, including former UN and Government officials, former international and national NGOs staff and executives, as well as crisis management experts in various fields. 

This team is one of a kind, with the ability to mobilize swiftly to various locations across the globe. Their unique set of skills and expertise enables them to adapt to any situation and provide effective solutions. Whether it's responding to a natural disaster, providing humanitarian aid, or carrying out a critical crisis management mission for the Government or the private sector, our team is prepared to act quickly and efficiently. With their extensive training and experience, they are equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way. Their agility and versatility make them an invaluable asset in any emergency situation, and their dedication to service is unwavering.